Friday, October 10, 2014

Its October Giveaway

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End : 10 hb Oktober 2014

So the Prizes for this GiveAway are: 
1. 2xRM5.00 topup 
2. Two novels with theautograph of the outhers 
3. Three pieces Tudung BAwal Adijuma 
4. Two pieces of bracelet

I love October because :

because my father was born in this month. 8 October 1969.
without October my father might not be born yet. And it will be incomplete
without October. Father is the king of my heart. He is the king of
my kingdom. Even we did not celebrate his birthday, he knows that we
really happy to have him as a father of three childer, a husband, and
the eldest one in his family.

F A T H E R = O C T O B E R

If someone ask me what do you think about
October, and my answer will be father.

#sorry for my broken english. hihi ^^ Speaking pula malam ni.


Cik Nadyya said...

goodluck ye :)

fadhil eda said...

singgah dari segmen yang sama